Monday, August 20, 2012


Just adding some pictures taken throughout the experiment:

Jualiane and Sari always have smile to share

Our calcite team Sari and Richard sampling away with their intricate pump-system and non-waterproof laptop that at times needs the assistance from a portable generator that also has to be balanced on to the raft

Caught in a moment of zen

Marja and Richard on their way to haul up a huge amount of copepods from the bay (they spent the whole afternoon draging a huge net behinf the boat practically decimating the natural copepod population). Brivaela and Morgane joining in to get some samples from the mesocosms

Brivaela and Morgane hunting for Bolinopsis in the mesocosms using their highly advanced catching thingies bought from the local food store after Richards boliopsinator ripped apart

Christina in a multitasking moment where she is filtrating the sediment trap samples, staining them with some protein fixing blue stain and keeping a multivariate conversation going simultaniously

Over the hills and a far away - Morris and Christina traversing the steep and murderous hills behind the field station

To be continued ...

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