Monday, August 27, 2012

Day 28 (Aug 26 2012)

Another day, another set of bags to kill.  CALCITE EXPERIMENT DONE, RAH!  We also towed the homemade raft and the mesocosm raft in.  *sniff*  The fun times out on the water are over.  Now we need to figure out what to do with all the plastic.

After that, all that is left to do (besides separating the mesocosm structure rings and hauling them out of the water, and packing) is to go home and spend a year or so to analyze all the samples and even more time after that to figure out what it all means.

 Aug 26 2012a-  Richard has redesigned the bag splitter.

Aug 26 2012b-  The plastic blob beginning to envelope all in its path.

Aug 26 2012c-  Bringing the first half of the bags in to shore.

Aug 26 2012d-  Jussi stalking the not so elusive baby lumpsucker fish.

 Aug 26 2012e-  Finally!  A halfway decent picture of one.

 Aug 26 2012f-  In no time flat the calcite bags were all taken down and it was time to go in, dragging the homemade raft with us.

Aug 2- 2012g-  Bye, bye mesocosm raft!

 Aug 26 2012h- Richard enjoying the ride in.

Aug 26 2012i-  Sari steering the boat with one hand, holding onto the lance with the other, driving in her spoils of plastic, and towing two stow aways on the raft behind her.  Poor Jussi, on the other hand, is nearly buried beneath a mound of plastic and is hanging on to the tow rope for dear life (the dear lives of Richard and myself who are serving as ballast for the raft so it does not turn into a kite as it gets towed in).

 Aug 26 2012j-  Truly the epitome of cool.  Calm.  Collected.  Easy peasy and all in a day's work.

 Aug 26 2012k-  10 meters is quite a long length.

 Aug 26 2012l-  Jussi the human scale bar, just slightly larger than a lens cap.  Or a rock hammer.

Aug 26 2012m-  Another pleasant cup of flowers arranged by Jussi.

Aug 26 2012n-  After dinner, Jussi and I pulled the big mesocosm raft in to shore and when we got there, Briva and Morten were there with the car to help us bring up the mesocosm bags.  Briva and Morten were so fast at rolling them up, it is a miracle that they didn't bonk heads when they met in the middle and knock each other flat.

Aug 26 2012o-  The van was loaded up with neatly rolled bags, hula hoops, and weights in no time.

Aug 26 2012p-  Briva folding a bag into submission.

Aug 26 2012q-  Jussi giving rolling it a whirl.

Aug 26 2012r-  The greater part of 25 used mesocosm bags rolled and stacked and awaiting someone to figure out what the hell to do with them.

Aug 26 2012s-  The team dealing with the agg bags from yesterday, which had not been neatly rolled before they were brought up to the station.

Aug 26 2012t-  The race is on!  Who rolls the fastest?

Aug 26 2012u-  Morten's going to do it.

Aug 26 2012v-  Morten wins!  No points for neatness, though.

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