Monday, August 20, 2012

Day 20 (Aug 18 2012)

Today was a strangely quiet day at the field station.  In part because Morten needed to be picked up from the airport late that evening and in part because everyone needed some down time, we sent the kids into Trondheim for the afternoon for R & R.  We do hope Morten appreciated being met at the airport by our entire bevy of babes.

The rest of us (Briva, Morgane, Richard, Marja, and myself), spent the afternoon and evening wandering the now empty halls of the field station, finishing up experiments and generally tidying up some of the chaos generated by the nearly 3 solid weeks of 16+ hour days/7 day weeks of frenzied scientific research.  In the evening, the whole lot of them went out to the mesocosm raft to feed the phytoplankton in the mesocosms, add calcite to the calcite bags, and haul zooplankton out of the bay, leaving me entirely alone in the field station (well, alone unless you count the ghost) for about an hour.  It was weird (being alone).  But then I figured out I could blast music on the stereo and sing along without causing anyone serious injury.

After this, I decided to make a brief photo tour of the empty field station.  But I didn't get any photos of the ghost.

 Aug 18 2012a-  The front door of the field station and Marja's plankton net attempt to dry itself (there is no place, really, hang them up).

Aug 18 2012b-  The sight that greets you as you walk in the door.

 Aug 18 2012c-  The empty dining room.

 Aug 18 2012d-  The stairs up to the second floor (the first floor for you Europeans).

 Aug 18 2012e-  The mesocosm bag making mess is all still there.

Aug 18 2012f-  Jussi's office.

 Aug 18 2012g- The amazing chalkboard in Jussi's office.

 Aug 18 2012h-  CTD profiles on the wall.

 Aug 18 2012i-  The lounge empty save for Briva and Morgane.

 Aug 18 2012j-   The classrooom upstairs that has been turned into the nutrient analysis lab.

Aug 18 2012k-  Manon's toy (the nutrient autoanalyzer).

 Aug 18 2012l-   The aggregation lab, uncharacteristically (and only momentarily) lacking in people working.

 Aug 18 2012m-  The darkened room where the cameras tracking aggregation are set up.

Aug 18 2012n-  Going back down the stairs.

 Aug 18 2012o-  The view out the front door at twilight.

 Aug 18 2012p-  One of the many sets of stairs winding their way through the building.

Aug 18 2012q- The dry lab downstairs.

 Aug 18 2012r-  The silently sleeping wet lab with our resting filtration racks.

 Aug 18 2012s-  The highly colorful and coordinated water sampling bottles of the calcite team.

Aug 18 2012t-  Copepods being preconditioned and copepod eggs hatching.

 Aug 18 2012u-  Staining all the particles in the ocean, 200 ml at a time.

 Aug 18 2012v-   Juli's and Nathalie's  bottles wear such nice hats.

Aug 18 2012w-  The nutrient distribution bottles sitting and waiting for me to fill them up.

 Aug 18 2012x-   Behind that door, which I have not previously opened, lies the sauna.

Aug 18 2012y-  Wow, yep.  There really is a sauna in there.

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