Monday, August 20, 2012

Day 21 (Aug 19 2012)

After the day of calm, a non-stop day of work.  Within an hour of arriving (i.e; by 3 o'clock in the morning), Morten had solved a serious two days of data lost when a computer crashed crisis.  By 9:30 am, a blearlily sleep-deprived sediment trap retrieval team had hit the water in a horrifically wet, cold, foggy rain.  The aggregate team was back to their nonstop measurement of respiration rates and sinking velocities and their keeping of the filtration team filtering from 9 to midnight or much later.  Which is to say, the experiment marches on, dragging us mercilessly along behind it.

 Aug 19 2012a-   Rats.  Nothing left but caffeine-free and/or migraine inducing flavors.

 Aug 18 2012b-  Julia observing the behavior of the copepod suspended in the inner rolling tank you can see there behind the little video camera.

 Aug 18 2012c-  Herwig, trying to convince Juli to come do a PhD on his mesocosm project in Palau, sent her an old German book  entitled Adventure of a Natural Scientist in the South Sea.

Aug 18 2012d-  Cool stamps!

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