Monday, August 6, 2012

Photos From Morgane

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program for photos from the last week from Morgane.

Briva, Morgane, and Ruruuuuuuuuuu making mesocosms.

It was a long day?

 Actually, it was a long couple of days of making mesocosms bags.

And more bags.....

No, Ruruuuuuuuuuu is not attacking Briva with part of a vacuum cleaner.  They are feeding the hoop used to hold open the bags at the mouth into the sleeve they have prepared for it.

Manon, Briva, and Ruruuuuuuuuuu adding the finishing touches to a bag in such a way as only the French can do!

VoilĂ !  A mesocosm.

 Putting a bag into the water.

 Filling it and attaching it to the raft.

 The raft is starting to fill up with mesocosms.

Hanging around in the sun.

All dressed up and ready to remove mesozooplankton from the mesocosms.

 Bringing nutrients and Secchi disks down to the water.

 The mighty huntress.

Mia adding nutrients on her last night here.

Briva and plankton net.

The main lab building.

Our dorm.

They are quite keen here on their grass-roofed houses.

They're nice, though, aren't they?

Briva, Morgane, and Manon took a walk yesterday afternoon.  Not a super long walk, so wherever this is, it is not far away.

Mountain surfing?

Life is good.

The French look chic even when they go for walks in the woods.  How do they manage it?

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