Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day 3 (Aug 1 2012)

 Today we began where we left off last night.  Herwig and Jussi motored out to the mesocosm raft and spent the morning attaching the final chain and lashing the blue floats on to add stability and buoyancy.  Since I wasn't with them, I don't have any pictures of that.

But here are the pictures I do have from the day.

Aug 1 2012a   Rings for the mouths of the individual mesocoms.

 Aug 1 2012b  Sand and gravel filled bottles used as weights on the bags, one bottle per bag.

Aug 1 2012c  Happily, this is not a mesocosm.

Aug 1 2012d  Dog + plastic = instand shred

Aug 1 2012e   Plankton!  (albeit, dead plankton)

Aug 1 2012f   Perched on one of the rings of the mesocosm raft.

Aug 1 2012g   Still more fiddling with rust-frozen fittings

Aug 1 2012h   Yay!  More shipping boxes have arrived, including mine/ours.  Those wooden boxes are our roller tables (more on that in the days to come).

Aug 1 2012i    This time it's mostly XXs doing the heavy lifting.  At least of this box.

Aug 1 2012j    OK.  Now I am ready to do some serious oceanography.  Bring it on!

Aug 1 2012k  Morgane and Briva bringing the first roller table up to the aggregation lab.

Aug 1 2012l   The view out the wetlab window.

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