Friday, August 3, 2012

Lipstick Science Can Also Be for Manly Men

Given the shortage of archetypal manly men in science, we are thinking of replying to this very well conceived video encouraging archetypal girlie girls to go into science, with a video of all our XYs doing heavy lifting of scientific equipment, starting the motorboat engine and driving it out to the mesocosms, letting their beards grow in, and eating a lot of meat for dinner.  That will certainly encourage the world's archetypal manly men in training to give up their dreams of being cage fighters and go into oceanography. 


  1. en voilà qui ont tout compris à l'esprit féminin...

  2. Ach!! Let's change the topic and grow phytoplankton

    1. Oh, Mr. X, don't worry. We always need manly men like you in science. :)