Friday, August 10, 2012

Day 11 (Aug 9 2012)

Day 11 was a trying day.  It was the day after our first sampling day, with its early rising and filtering long into the evening.  And it was the day after the small impromptu late night soirée.  The day that few faces appeared bright, cheerful, or at all for breakfast.  Sampling sessions dragged on for hours longer than if everyone had been feeling, shall we say, healthy.  And tired nerves were very strained.

Some of us spent the day trying to clean up from the day before and prepare for the sampling day to come on the morrow.  Others did that and set up the first aggregation experiment.  While others sat cold and miserable in the boat for hours (missing lunch entirely) while trying to measure carbon dioxide concentrations and take CTD profiles and fill small sample bottles with filtered seawater.

Aug 9 2012a-  Hmm...  What's behind here?

Aug 9 2012b-  Ah!  It's Alain giving a briefing on the camera system he set up to monitor aggregation.

Aug 9 2012c-  It's a pretty cool system that takes one photo an hour, although, alas, it can only track two tanks at a time.

Aug 9 2012d-  Meanwhile, downstairs Nathalie and Juli were hell bent on building their own miniature 44 µm plankton net.

Aug 9 2012e-  Look at that cod end.  Awesome.

Aug 9 2012f-  It even has a lucky copepod etched on the side.

Aug 9 2012g-  Things are looking up in the dry lab.

Aug 9 2012h-  Morten and Briva prepping rolling tanks.

Aug 9 2012i-  Squeaky clean rolling tanks, sampling bottles, and sieves.

Aug 9 2012j-  Juli working on the mini plankton net and giving me the please don't take that picture of me smile.

Aug 9 2012k-  The nutrient analysis lab is a hub of activity.

Aug 9 2012l-  Home improvements in action: a little door for hobbits.

Aug 9 2012m- The rolling tanks have been filled with water from the mesocosms....  Now for the nervous wait.  Will aggregates form or will this all have been a big waste of time because the Bolinopsis are eating everything.

Aug 9 2012n- The tanks on the another roller table (without a fancy camera setup).

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