Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day 30 (Aug 28 2012)

Last.  Full.  Day.

The morning was full of the fun of finishing packing and stacking everything on shipping pallets (in the lashing wind and rain), followed by having to unstack everything because the pallet driver didn't work on the gravel driveway, so all the boxes had to be loaded onto the pallets on the gate of the vans.  In the afternoon, we pulled the boat out of the water.  In the evening, there was finally some time for R&R, generally involving a walk somewhere.  Some folks walked out to the beach, some to the end of the road in the direction they had never been.  I finally made it to the ferry landing that is a roughly 4 mile round trip.  That was nice.  Furthest I've been in a month from the station, unless you count a couple of trips to the grocery store.

Tomorrow, a very early rise, followed by packing our frozen samples and driving them in to NTNU before embarking on the epic 10 hour, 4 airport  European tours that we must pretty much all take in order to get back to our points of origin.  I hope my car starts when I am reunited with it in the long term parking lot (and that I don't blank out on the pin number for my bank card when I go to pay for the ticket).

 Aug 28 2012a-  It was so crazy windy, the cook (whose name I can still not spell) had to run chasing after the used mesocosm bags when he arrived at work this morning, then roll them up, and put the ladder on top of them.

 Aug 28 2012b-  Despite this, he still helped out when we needed another man for carrying boxes.

 Aug 28 2012c-  Into the belly of the beast.

Aug 28 2012d-  Now to fill up the second one.

 Aug 28 2012e-  Manon is in her element.

 Aug 28 2012f-  Lifting weights with the plastic wrap.

 Aug 28 2012g-  Sari doing her best to subdue a feisty cardboard box.

 Aug 28 2012h-    Manon and Morgane pushing the last pallet onto the truck.

 Aug 28 2012i-  It was like a jigsaw puzzle.  It took him about 20 minutes to get it all to fit in.

 Aug 28 2012j-  Waiting in the doorway (out of the rain) for the jigsaw puzzle to be completed.

 Aug 28 2012k-  Thank heavens that's finally done.

Aug 28 2012l- Thank heavens this is finally over!!!!!!!

Aug 28 2012m-  Time to pull the boat out of the water.

 Aug 28 2012n- Mesocosm Boat Recovery Team.... go!

 Aug 28 2012o-  Heave, ho!  Hauling in the anchor rock while Morten moves the boat around to the beach.

 Aug 28 2012p-  Yikes!  Watch your toes!

 Aug 28 2012q-  Splitting the rock in half with a very stern glance.

 Aug 28 2012r-   Pulling the boat up to the shore.

 Aug 28 2012s-  Carrying out the motor.

Aug 28 2012t-  Morgane got the oars.

Aug 28 2012u-  Richard got the gas can.

 Aug 28 2012v-  Pulling the plug out of the bilge.

 Aug 28 2012w-  Le bateau qui pis

Aug 28 2012x-  Alas poor Yorick....

 Aug 28 2012y-  La, la, la, la...  It's still draining....

 Aug 28 2012z-  La, la, la, la.  Waiting and waiting for the boat to drain.

 Aug 28 2012za-  Still draining.

 Aug 2_ 2012zb-  And still draining....

 Aug 28 2012zc-  After 12 minutes, finally beginning to peeter out.

 Aug 28 2012zd-  Pulling it onto the trailer.

 Aug 28 2012ze-  Crank it up!

 Aug 28 2012zf-  Almost there....

Aug 28 2012zg-  There!

 Aug 28 2012zh-  Good grief, it's still dribbling.

 Aug 28 2012zj-  Queen of the Land Rover

 Aug 28 2012zk-  She fits quite well up there.

 Aug 28 2012zl-  Tightening the boat down.

 Aug 28 2012zm-  That is a sea buckthorn, a rare holdover from warmer times.

 Aug 28 2012zn-  My dream house.

 Aug 28 2012zo-  Beautiful sky.

Aug 28 2012zp- If you look very carefully, you will spot 5 eagles flying around there up in the sky.

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